Dangerous Temptation - Eye Cues [HD 720p] (1.36 Gb) - Bareback cock slammed into tight ass

Starring: Dangerous Temptation
Title Videos: Eye Cues
Genre: Nurse, Latex, Nylon, Femdom, BDSM, Latinas, Anal, Facesitting, Milf, Blowjob, Fetish, Hardcore, Domination, Female Domination, Facial, POV, Humiliation, Submissive, Brainwash, Brainwashing, Mental Domination, Uniform
Duration: 00:31:36

Custom clip request “Hello Goddess Celine, The story includes being surreptitiously d rugged and “overpowered”, seductive interrogation, and erotic smother by a kinky Dominant Woman (Goddess Celine). It’s a super kinky “H ypno-Intox” Femdom POV video, with very bewitching types of role-play. Throughout the video You wear dark lipstick, makeup, and Your victim is “put to sleep” multiple times! No male actor or male voices. Emphasis on mind control, mesmerize, latex, leather, medical and smother fetishes, plus special effects if possible. Video length would likely be about 20-25 minutes.Scene 1You (Goddess Celine ) play a very kinky Dominant Female who invites me (Chris) into Her home after a first date.You are wearing tight leather black pants and a sexy white top..You ask if he would like a glass of wine ,which You will go to get it in your kitchen (camers shows you secretly spiking his wine with a d rug from a medicine dropper or syringe…..) After returning with the wine, and after a few monents of small talk,camera should have visual blurring special effects and possibly some distorned audio effects to simulate the d rug taking effect.You reveal to Chris as this is happening, and with a sexy devious laugh,that You put something in is wine.’j Just a powerful pre-op sedative..”Read lessIts going to make you very s lleepy and submissive.And s leepy phrases as ‘ you are getting s leepy?:, Im putting you to s leep”.The last thing Chris hears is “Ohhh, you are sooo fucked now, Chris..You see one of my Closest Associated is a very Kinky Nurse Anesthetist..She supplies mje with some very sexy, kinky and wonderful chemicals…, Chris! Sweet D reams for now! This kinky initial d rugging scene with special effects, hopefully can include facial clpse-ups.Camera then slowly fades asyou are deviously yet playing talking Chris down to s leep.SCENE 2You are wearing a latex outfit with skirt and jacket…Opens with You preparing a syringe injectionPOV ( as realistic as possible, with a syringe actually filled wit liquid anda menacing needle atached) as Chris is regaining conciousness. You tell him, ‘Wecome back, my s leepy slave’, ‘how do you feel?” You were just temporarily knocked out’….Chris cant ‘t remember what has, just happened, so You explain..dialog and detailsof how You d rugged him, what t ype of d rug it was, and that You strapped him down with leather and latex while he was out..twilight s leep.. You tell him to hold still as You explain how verry effective asTTruth Serum sodium pentotyhal is.You say ‘ this will ensure your ‘submission” as You are pressing the Syringe plunger, and after about 5-10 seconds the visual special effects starts once going simulating the d rug taking effects;.Over the next few minutes You conduct a sexy interrogation with close -ups,asking Chris about kinky fantasies ( the visual special effects contienue off and on throughtout the interrogation.His most kinky fetishes are extracted.You mention the words one by one, as if he is saying them to You, and react to them with interest :”facesitting”, ‘smothering’, ;fantasy k id napping’, ‘ being put to s leep by kinky woman’, ‘leather, ‘latex’ ‘plastic..’Ohh I love this…You say as camera fades simmulating Chris p assing out!”DULLNESS MIND is getting TRUTH SERUM and now its time for SMOTHER till you are finished drained, exhautes, helpless under my ass!Scene 3‘Chris awakens in your bedroom (POV camera goes blurry special affects to clear,simulating return of consciousness.You are now wearing your trasparent latex leggings, latex panties and black latex gloves.you tell Chris ‘Ohh your are finnaly awake.The injection produces some intresting results.And now, I will do more of the same!Its time for some more fun, slave “..describing how you are going to smother him (POV).Yes Chris, I will smother you to s leep.You will put down you latex leggings and tell him you want him to smell your Musky -ness, You tell him ..’Ohh mo dont struggle,just relax and a take a deep breath.At some point you apply some ‘inrox medicine” (chroro ) to a sexy pair of nylons then hold it to the camera (POV). Tell Chris to breath the pungent s leepy vapors.Then tell Chris you are going to smother them to s leep with latex..Now camera POV as you are facesitting and smothering with some close -ups and s leepy dialogMP4 * 1.36 GB * 00:31:36 * 1280x720 Jerk off me Watch Online

Quality: HD 720p
Format: mp4
Size: 1.36 Gb



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